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Development of the long-term low emissions development strategy (LT-LEDS) of Azerbaija

Under the commission of EU and Coordination of the UNDP, Sustainera experts are assisting Azerbaijani government to develop a comprehensive medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy (LEDS Azerbaijan), as a follow up to the National Communication 4, to determine the optimal mitigation options under various economic situations.

Using the LEAP model, the Sustainera team is developing assumptions in a participatory manner, based on the government's existing strategies and development outlook, the regional and international situation on global oil market developments, the developments in the climate indicators and the political agenda of the Azerbaijani Government with regards to the transition to green economy. The project aims to produce a draft document for the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan to use in communicating its goals and developmental pathways towards net zero emissions by 2070 and beyond.
This is a year-long project with a team of 12 national experts supported with UNDP’s international expertise. Sustainera commits to a participatory, inclusive and gender-mainstreamed approach to the processes and the outputs it undertakes. LEDS Azerbaijan is no exception to this.
As a reliable implementing partner, Sustainera aims at establishing long-term positive and sustainable relations with government, (international) non-government and private sector institutions in the field of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation.

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