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Interventions to Ensure Successful Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccination among Priority Groups


May-July 2022

Research & reporting

About the project

Vaccines are only effective when they reach the intended target groups. Population acceptance, demand and uptake are critical, particularly in the priority groups, including health workers. Health workers are considered a trusted source of information and can significantly influence patients’ decisions about vaccination. If uptake of COVID-19 vaccines is low among health workers; it is likely to be low among the public as well.

In order to understand both the perspectives of health workers and the populations they serve on COVID-19 vaccination, Sustainera is undertaking qualitative research for the World Health Organization with health workers, older adults (65 years+) and adults (under 65 years) with underlying conditions determined to be at significantly increased risk of severe disease or death. Results of this effort will inform national efforts to engage health workers and these adult groups in ensuring successful uptake of COVID-19 vaccination.

This is a cross-sectional qualitative research study. The underpinning theoretical framework is the modified capability-motivation-opportunity-behavior (COM-B) framework which is a holistic approach to exploring barriers and enablers.

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