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About Sustainera
Sustainera Research & Consulting is a private consulting firm registered in Azerbaijan providing advisory, sustainability and capacity development services both locally and internationally.
We are observing an increasing need for high-quality change management services in the field of social and economic development. This brought us together to establish a platform where we form a team and leverage our capacities to offer such needed services to governments, NGOs, CSOs, International Donors, and the private sector. 
What we believe
We believe that a just and sustainable world will result when the unique skills and resources of all sectors—business, civil society, and government—are aligned to advance socially and environmentally responsible practices and improve long-term performance.
Our mission & vision
Our mission is to offer consulting, sustainability, and skill-building assistance to government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, international funding organizations, and private companies in an ethical, accountable, and adaptable way.
Our vision is to become the leading consulting firm that empowers organizations and individuals in diverse sectors, from public to private, social and beyond, to achieve sustainable and equitable growth through innovative sustainability solutions and capacity development. We strive to make a positive impact on our clients, communities, and the planet through ethical, responsible, and agile consulting services.
What we value most
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Inclusive, transparent services to our clients, adhering to the principles of equality and privacy of the information

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A perfect balance between flexibility and planning, overview and detail, passion and discipline 

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A strategic approach in a responsible, dedicated manner while prioritizing the interests of the clients

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Perfection in interpretation, communication, presentation, analysis, and reporting 

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Result-oriented ownership emphasizing teamwork and applying the highest standards of leadership to sustain results

Industries that we operate

Climate services mainly involve assessing the carbon footprint of a business or organization, developing strategies to reduce emissions, and helping clients navigate the complex regulations and policies related to climate change.

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